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wow and meh for ai

i just had another “wow” moment with ai—it took my rambling verbal thoughts (i’m using audiopen) about a somewhat technical topic that i was not expressing very well and somehow it summarized it and pulled out relevant details.

overall i've been hesitant and unwilling to be bullish on ai. why? it’s not intelligent and it’s overhyped. i’m disheartened by what is says about us in general. we are enamored and convinced by the form, and few people are willing to mine their way to the content.

it also means most of the time the level of our discourse is regurgitating the same points and information. granted, this is what the majority of work in my world looks like—a slow march between mediocrity and less-mediocrity. chatgpt is great at combining what’s already been said and presenting it in novel ways.

but if our goal is to make a dent in the world—to push beyond the status quo—we have to put forth and develop ideas that are unexpected and not always plausible. but also not with tech bro hubris, but with humility and consideration of harms (too many negatives, but certified not-chatgpt).

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