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Vision Con

i watched wwdc last week and especially tuned into the one more thing—vision pro.

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i love to give apple their flowers, and i'm usually quite susceptible to their reality distortion field (i was an early adopter of the 1st generation ipad and series 0 watch). yet i was unsettled as i watched the segment on their headset, which culminated in a fun ad for their future platform.

i had a visceral reaction. the more I sat with it, the more disgusted I got.

don't get me wrong—this is an amazing integration of technology. i have no doubt this headset sets the bar on mixed reality experiences. there are plenty of use cases that shine: work, entertainment, 3d capture and consumption.

but i was troubled any time apple showed someone donning the vision pro around someone else. why are they promoting this device for use around other human beings? especially in family and social settings? at the end of the day, we are still strapping on a face computer. this inevitably and necessarily isolates the user from reality. as good as the technology is at bringing the real world into the virtual, it's still designed to divert your attention away from human-to-human interaction.

in some ways, this makes it worse. they want to make it easier for people to enter an immersive world away from reality.

we already have this problem with phones. they take our attention away from reality, and we're all used to it

yes, and this is bad, we shouldn't make it worse. let's not normalize isolation and addition to our devices.

also, this is a paradigm shift.

phones are easily manipulated. we can hide them away in your pocket, we can shift our gaze away from them.

the vision pro is attached to your body. it is designed to stay on. apple wants you to look through it.

this is the future they envision. a dad standing at the kitchen island working on a presentation when his daughter wants to play soccer with him. why? go to your office! you can be virtually anywhere making your surfboard. it's rude and gross.

but the tech is gonna get better

let's think the future where the vision pro is invisible and weightless. it's still taking you out of reality. our attention is finite, our minds and bodies can be in one place at a time. think about how addictive our phones are now. is strapping a computer to our heads going to improve the human experience?

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