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Vision Con (more concise)

I'm disappointed and disgusted by how Apple marketed the Vision Pro. The scenes in their ad that showed the headset being used around other humans were unsettling.

I have no doubt the device is useful, ground-breaking, and magical. But I am bothered by trying to normalize its use around other people. Yet, per Mike Rockwell in this year's The Talk Show Live From WWDC, this was one of their design principles:

But one of the second most important principles to us was we wanted you to be connected. We wanted this device to not isolate you from anybody that you were with and connect you both in the room and at a distance.

Yes, they probably achieved this the best they could, given they already decided to build an immersive computer strapped to your face. Even if we extrapolate to future generations, no matter how clever, weightless, and invisible the tech, it still takes the user's attention away from their physical reality. That's great when you're alone in your office or in specific contexts, but not in general ones like family time.

This has all the problems we currently have with addiction to our phones, but decidedly worse. Instead of being able to tuck it away in our pockets or purses, it's part of our body, and designed to be even more captivating.

I'm sad Apple envisions a future where we're watching our kids play, sharing a quiet moment with a loved one, and working around our family with a face computer.

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