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Le Jazz

i engaged with some art last night (live and in person), listening to the jazz trio of David Throckmorten (drums), Cliff Barnes (organ), and Scott Boni (sax). this was one of the few times i've sat down and listened to jazz, and it was wonderful. this may begin a more deliberate foray into understanding and appreciating jazz.

i've always been intrigued and interested in the genre, but from a distance. i remember a schoolmate of mine who played violin in jazz band. it was obvious i was better than her technically (i grew up learning classical), but i respected what she was able to do in terms of improvisation and creativity. i didn't have the guts.

what a strange thing that when classical music was the contemporary genre, there was plenty of improvisation, but now all those pieces are frozen in time and played essentially the same across the world. i spoke briefly with Cliff about it, and he said, yeah first time i'd play Beethoven straight, but then i'd start to improvise on it.

why isn't the creativity required in jazz celebrated more? they're creating new music all the time!

i tried looking up some of these artists online, found Scott Boni's self-titled album and hit play. when track 7 came around, i was floored. this was a jazz version of Chopin's nocturne no. 20 in C♯ minor, the same piece that captivated me as a boy and compelled me to find and play milstein's arrangement of it for violin.

not only do i now want to learn fiddle, i'll be adding jazz violin to my list.

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